We develop educational apps that introduce children to the delights of art, history and architecture.
Our digital games are 100% made in Italy, and developed with care, attention to design, and a taste for beauty.

We respect children’s right to beautiful images, fascinating stories and complexity. Kids build their vision of the world and develop their tastes through play, which is why we propose stand-out illustrations, clear language and rich content.

We encourage children to look beyond the frame, ask themselves questions, and notice their surroundings.

OUR TEAM | Do you want to work with us? We are always looking for passionate and inquisitive people who like to have fun with their work, have a desire to grow and enrich our team with their skills and help us build products of the highest quality. Follow us on Linkedin



We are a team of people with diverse and varied skills who work together in a collaborative and flexible way.

Federica Pascotto

A degree in Art History, a MA in Archaeology, five years in a publishing company and then a job in contemporary art. She has always loved education and managed to make it a job, in between analog and digital. When under stress, she nibbles nuts.

Giovanna Hirsch

A MA in Economics in London, a PhD in Florence, various years as researcher, as consultant for the PA and managing local development projects. Then, thanks to Art Stories, she found out working can be great fun…

Amedeo Tamburrino

Amedeo is the coding guy. Quick, precise and efficient, he is the only one in our team who is never nibbling anything!

Mariana Ozaki

UX UI designer
Mariana works on the interfaces of our apps and websites, but she is very keen on processes and work flows. We owe her the office reorganization, a sustained rhythm and the discovery of flavours and dishes we had not known so far.

Roberta Ragona

Digital Strategist
She studied to be an anthropologist though she always wanted to be an illustrator. Born in Sardinia, living in Milan, missing the sea all the time. Her name is Roberta Ragona but it’s way easier to find her as Tostoini. She draw for magazines, books, advertising, websites and apps and also for fun.

Cinzia Franceschini

A degree in Humanities, journalist, a Lewis Carroll lover. She read Alice in Wonderland when she was 18. And she read it again every year after that, anytime she wanted to feel at home. She now works as an illustrator. You can find her as Fraiznic.

Cecilia Negri

Born in Trento, a degree in Communication Design, she decided to specialize in Editorial Design at ISIA in Urbino. She occasionally works as an illustrator, grows insects in her spare time, while buying books for most of her time. You can learn more about her here.

Fabio Viana Coggiola

Sound designer
He writes music for movies, documentaries, contemporary art exhibitions and theatre. He also is a sound designer. He lives between Turin and Berlin.

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