Explore the wonders of the world

Travel around the world: so many places to discover!

You will fly over Easter Island with its Moai, reach the peak of Machu Picchu on a llama back, visit the Golden Palace in Kyoto with its blooming cherries, help cleaning the Great Barrier Reef, try and build the Tour Eiffel in Paris.

After having run along the Great Chinese Wall, you will celebrate the solstice in Stonehenge, meet gladiators in the Colosseum in Rome, play a pelota game in Chichen Itza, decorate the Taj Mahal; you will attend the camel market in Petra, after having admired the migration in Serengeti and having explored Yellowstone… a breathtaking adventure to splendid places, to be known for their history or for their natural beauty.

We designed the game as a springboard for future explorations: kids approach distant places and different eras and – thanks to the short info – they understand the value of all sites: they learn by playing, with no effort. Get ready to pack your bags for a real journey!

The app is built with original illustrations and a large selection of visual materials from Europeana Collections.

Illustrations by Cinzia Franceschini.