Art Stories Cities

Art Stories Cities is the first in the series ‘Art Stories 4 FUN’, a library of digital games that introduce children to art, architecture and history. Children and adults can play with them together and devise off-line activities to continue learning and enjoying.

Art Stories CITIES encourages children to explore and learn while playing.

Recomposing different skylines, by spotting the buildings and setting them in the right place, children learn to identify the landmarks of seven cities: Venice, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Moscow
Then, children can dive into some typical events: for instance, they visit Venice with high-tide and Rio with the Carnival! Traveling worldwide, children can get all visas on their passport.
There is more to come! Children can compose their own ideal city, choosing backgrounds, houses, buildings, greens and transport.
Original illustrations suggest the moods of the cities and foster children curiosity and imagination.
With CITIES children are trained, in a safe and secure environment, to:
  • recognize shapes,
  • identify the colors codes,
  • recognize cities landmarks.
With the help of parents and teachers, the app can be used either to teach geography or while traveling.
Illustrations are by Cinzia Franceschini; Rogerio Carvalho Rossi (UX designer), Amedeo Tamburrino and Sergio Osimo (developers) took part in the project.


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