Adventures in Ancient Egypt

7 things you need to know about Ancient Egypt and a challenging quiz section!

Ancient Egypt explored via seven games, challenging memory and observation skills:

  • discover Nile and its flooding;
  • enter a pyramid and unveil wonderful treasures;
  • fill in the canopic jars;
  • be a master in mummification;
  • take part into the weighting of the heart ceremony;
  • learn how to decipher hieroglyphs;
  • learn about pharaohs and their society.

The blue scarab tab activates the narration, explaining important facts about this fascinating ancient civilization.

“Art Stories in Ancient Egypt” is a safe and fun: its games and interactions take kids in a journey in space and time. A final quiz section tests what kids have learnt through play.

This is a most useful app for learning through play, for enlivening your history homework, for learning more about this fascinating population!