Duomo - The Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral, a symbol of the city and its history, takes you on an architectural journey through time. Enjoy learning how the building evolved and hear the voices of the spires, gargoyles and the Madonnina!

The Art Stories Cathedral app is an animated story about Milan Cathedral, made up of two parts.

By selecting ‘Let’s visit the Cathedral’, children are led through a sequence of events that tell the story of the building, and are shown some of its key features. Each screen is accompanied by a game, which is opened by clicking the button marked +. Discover what sounds the gargoyles make, how the blocks of stone were transported from the mountains to the city, how the Cathedral fits into the city’s skyline, and learn plenty of other interesting things.

By exploring ‘The Cathedral in numbers’, kids can follow a numerical trail: from the statues to the gargoyles, the tonnes of stone and emperors, there are numbers for everything!

Duomo – Milan Cathedral app has been designed as a linear experience, like an animated book. We suggest using it before visiting the Cathedral so that children know what to look out for during their visit.

The illustrations, by Cecilia Negri, can be more fully appreciated on an iPad.