FACES is the first test of Art Stories virtual museum: a digital playground where children learn the basics of visual art.

FACES is supported by Europeana and is a game on portraits. We have picked, amongst the vast quantity of artworks gathered by Europeana, a small selection of 5 portraits.
Children will undertake simple tasks in a virtual gallery, and each task is aimed at a different aspect of observation:
Kaiser Rudolf II as Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo: for learning how to watch details and discover the overall design;
Alice by Modigliani: for reading volumes and shapes;
Man with clarinet by Pablo Picasso: for understanding how shape can be reinterpreted;
Self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh: for paying attention to colors and their composition;
The girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer: for understanding there is a meaning in each element and a story behind the painting.
At the end of the 5 games they will get a Diploma of Art Explorer and a set of virtual tools and they will be encouraged to get out of their house and visit museums in the real world.

This app has been made by: Cinzia Franceschini for the illustrations, Rogerio Carvalho Rossi for overall design, Brian Ayres for the English voice, Dylan Ayres for the Italian voice, Fabio Mosca for the development.