World Food

It is the first collaboration between Art Stories and MUBA, and translates the Children’s Museum’s approach to learning into digital form: ideas are not conveyed directly, instead children are encouraged to discover the world intuitively through play.

World Food is the updated version of MUBapp, and a set of brand new stickers for your messages!

ATTENTION! Once you’ve updated the app, the historical section on the Rotonda della Besana will be replaced by three activities dedicated to food: lay tables around the world, create your a favourite table of your own choice, and design your own birthday table. All with new and better navigation, as well as some captions that seemed to us important, such as the names of dishes.

What is eaten around the world?
And how are tables laid? In a journey around the world, children discover what happens in eight countries: Italy, France, Russia, Morocco, India, Japan, Mexico, United States.
There is a table to lay in each country, and a meal to prepare, and cutlery to arrange… and for each one, you’ll find a recipe, to do at home!
You can also lay a table of your choice, with all your favourite things: you can then save and print it as a post card or a suggestion for grown ups who are tired of always cooking the same things.
You can also find a birthday table: muffins, cakes, sweets… Lay your table as you wish, and save it as an image: you can use it as an invitation to your next party!
World food is the first app developed in partnership between Art Stories and MUBA, and translates into a digital language the approach of Children’s Museums around the world: encouraging children to discover the world through play and intuition rather than a direct transmission of ideas.

The illustrations are by Roberta Ragona.


  • original illustrations
  • interactives and games, with no stress nor scores
  • devised for primary school age children but also suitable for younger children
  • no in-app advertisements or purchases


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