Sforza Castle

A Renaissance castle in the heart of Milan: discover its beauty and secrets in the company of members of the Sforza family and Leonardo da Vinci. Listen and play with the Art Stories digital guide at the Sforzesco Castle, at home or wherever you want.

The Castello Sforzesco app can be used at the Castle, following each stage step by step, or at home as a game.

There are three routes: one if you are in a hurry, one if you have more time, and one if you love stories. If you choose the ‘in a hurry’ route, you will find four points of interest and if you select the ‘have more time’ route, you will have more. The ‘if you love stories’ section is a multi-voice production with members of the Sforza dynasty telling their family’s story from their own perspective.

Each stop, or point of interest, is linked to a small game, which helps allay tiredness if you are at the Castle, or simply encourages more interaction if you are elsewhere.

If you use the app as a guide, we suggest that you introduce the games to the children before visiting the Castle. Finding things that they have already seen is fun and satisfying for kids, as is seeing that what they have played with on the tablet actually exists!

The script is narrated by several voices in both Italian and English, and you can either just listen to the narrators or activate the ‘text’ option (devised for users with hearing impairments). The app has been developed for children of primary school age but younger children have also tried – and enjoyed – it!

The illustrations, by Cecilia Negri, can be more fully appreciated on an iPad.


  • original illustrations
  • interactives and games, with no stress nor scores
  • devised for primary school age children but also suitable for younger children
  • no in-app advertisements or purchases