Have you ever learnt about art via sport, or the opposite?

By playing with ArteSportKids, children learn about ancient and modern sports: some have disappeared – such as medieval tournaments – while some are still super popular nowadays, such as tennis and soccer.

10 sports and 10 artists: kids discover artworks and their meanings, while playing and detecting details. They are engaged in a funny travel through time, back to the Doryphoros by Polykleitos and the first Olympic games, after having met the Arsenal player Charlie George, the cyclist by Umberto Boccioni, the wild kids painted by Bruegel, the runners from the Archaeological Museum of Naples: there is something to suit everyone’s fancy!

The app was developed for Centro Trevi per la Cultura Italiana / Provincia di Bolzan, and it is part of the exhibition programme “Il Cerchio dell’Arte”.

Illustrations are by Cinzia Franceschini and they are animated by Giacomo Manzotti.