Would you like to play with FACES portraits? You can use these pages we made for you!



  • 2 A4 cards;
  • colours (crayons, felt pens and pastels will all do the job);
  • old magazines you can cut out and kitchen foil (if you go for a collage);
  • glue stick;
  • scissors;
  • pencil and eraser.


Print the frame (sheet 01) on an A4 sheet. You can colour it or you can glue kitchen foil inside its borders, if you like it shiny.

Choose from the app the portrait you loved best, and try to draw yourself in the same style (either in the same position, or with a similar colour palette, or with the same clothes). You could also choose one of your pictures, and cut out the face then paste it on the drawing.

You can either colour or fill in clothes and background with paper cuttings.

By printing sheet 2 (sheet 02), you will find some items from the paintings you have been playing with in the app. You can colour them, then cut and paste on your drawing. Or you can make new items for embellishing your work!

We will be happiest to receive your drawing, you can ask an adult to send a picture of your drawing to info@artstories.it: it will enrich our gallery of children’s masterpieces!