Art Stories 4FUN Città

Our newest app: Art Stories CITIES

Here we are: Art Stories CITIES is online! This is the first issue of our new series, Art Stories 4FUN. Art Stories CITIES is designed for playing with the cities of the world; we started with five cities, traveling around the world in different continents: Venice, London, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco. By playing with CITIES children can[…]

kids in museums | ArtStories 4FUN

ArtStories 4FUN: our series of digital games on art and architecture

There are numerous initiatives around the world to make art and museums accessible to all: accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments, to those with mobility issues, but also those who simply don’t like museums, aren’t familiar with them and don’t visit them. We have looked around and come across some incredible projects. You[…]

Progettare app per bambini Art Stories Castello Sforzesco Milano

The measure of success. Devoloping apps for children: thoughts to start the year

A year and half has now passed since our first app was released (Art Stories The Sforza Castle) and we have gathered together various things that make us happy. Building our first app was lengthy work, full of mistakes, naïvety and second thoughts. Developing apps for children demands a complex creative process and careful selection[…]