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You should play with food!

You shouldn’t play with food. You shouldn’t mess around while eating. You shouldn’t bring toys to the table… Whether or not you agree with these little rules, one thing is now clear: with technology and apps, things have changed. If the second and third rules remain unchanged (tablets shouldn’t be brought to the table!), the first one[…]

Traveling with kids: at home and out in the world

Travelling: some love it, some detest it. What about kids? Our experiences tell us children love traveling. We have learnt that the love for travel can be seeded and grown along time, fostering is a traveler mind frame: you can travel by reading books, watching movies and documentaries and by playing. Curiosity and the wanderlust can be taught:[…]


Let’s transform the world with culture: Europeana Challenge 2016

We are delighted and proud to announce that Art Stories has won the Europeana Challenge 2016, an European project about open date and cultural innovation. Let’s transform the world with culture! This is the motto of Europeana, the Dutch foundation established by the European Union in 2011 to gather and organise the immense artistic and cultural[…]

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Bologna Children Book Fair: what’s new in kids digital publishing

We attended Bologna Children’s Book Fair this year as well: the Digital Cafè cannot be missed if one wishes to understand what’s going on in digital publishing for kids. We have learnt about the developing of the beautiful apps that have won the Digital Award: Warren Buckleitner, president of the jury, has gathered a most interesting[…]

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Our newest app: Art Stories CITIES

Here we are: Art Stories CITIES is online! This is the first issue of our new series, Art Stories 4FUN. Art Stories CITIES is designed for playing with the cities of the world; we started with five cities, traveling around the world in different continents: Venice, London, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco. By playing with CITIES children can[…]

kids in museums | ArtStories 4FUN

ArtStories 4FUN: our series of digital games on art and architecture

There are numerous initiatives around the world to make art and museums accessible to all: accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments, to those with mobility issues, but also those who simply don’t like museums, aren’t familiar with them and don’t visit them. We have looked around and come across some incredible projects. You[…]

Progettare app per bambini Art Stories Castello Sforzesco Milano

The measure of success. Devoloping apps for children: thoughts to start the year

A year and half has now passed since our first app was released (Art Stories The Sforza Castle) and we have gathered together various things that make us happy. Building our first app was lengthy work, full of mistakes, naïvety and second thoughts. Developing apps for children demands a complex creative process and careful selection[…]

Mubapp Art Stories kids education app MUBA Musei dei Bambini Milano

MUBApp: Art Stories welcome you to MUBA!

Our journey through Italian heritage follows on: this time we spoke about the Rotonda della Besana. The XVII century building is home to Muba, the Milanese Children’s Museum of Milan, part of the International network of Children’s Museums. MUBApp is a little bit different from our previous apps: there’s an historical section about the history of the building, and one dedicated to a workshop[…]