Duomo of Milan: 3159 statues, 135 spyres…

The Duomo of Milan, the icon of the city and its history, leads you in a travel through times and architecture.

3159 statues and 135 spyres; 2 churches before it; 1 emperor for its opening and a never ending time for completing it: 600 years!

art stories kids app on the milan cathedral, the duomo of milan

You are learn about the square, before the Cathedral was built, or up north in the marble caves and along the Navigli or wander among the spires and the gargoyles. A complex building and its history become an enticing tale.

For those crazy about numbers, a whole section is devoted to the Cathedral quantities: thousands of statues and hundreds of gargoyles! Amazing numbers will surprise you.

As with all Art Stories apps, you can play while visiting the Duomo, lying on your sofa or wherever you like! Download it here and let us know what do you think!

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