How to build the London Eye paper toy tutorial

London Eye Paper Toy Tutorial

We have been eagerly waiting for it and as spring ended, it finally arrived: our first trips outdoors, once again exploring the world beyond our domestic worlds. But if the weather is bad or if Sunday afternoons are long, it’s a good idea to have some activities ready to do together at home.

So we had the idea of creating this small step-by-step guide to helps you build the Art Stories CITIES paper toy of the London Eye.


What you will need:
– the Art Stories CITIES London Eye downloadable file Click here to download it
– an A4 card. You can also use a piece of card from any drawing pad and cut it to the right size to fit your home printer;
– 1 pair of scissors. In the hand of an adult, obviously!
1 hair slide (you only need one so not to buy a whole box of them, just rummage through your grandparents’ drawers);
– 1 glue stick;
– 1 ruler to make precise folds in the card.


1. Print the wheel on the A4 card.

2. Cut the wheels following the dotted line. Then cut the wheel pedestals.


3. Pay attention to keep the head of the pedestal big enough for the hair slide.

4. Glue the two sides of the wheel and wait a couple of minutes to let them dry.


5. Punch the center of the wheel and the head of the two sides of the pedestal.

6. Bend the two sides of the pedestal using the ruler to make a straight fold.


7. Glue together the two flaps at the base of the pedestal. Let them dry.

8.  Put the wheel between the two arms of the pedestal and insert the split pin in the holes.

9. Open the two flaps of the hair slide.



If you are going to build the London Eye with your kids share the pictures with us, we can’t wait to see your paper toy!

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